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Oct 14, 2012 4:00pm EDT
do under the convention in diplomatic law responds to the attack. but an attack like that, we're never going to have enough guns. we're a diplomatic service. we have some of the finest law enforcement professionals in the world in the diplomatic service. but we are not an armed camp ready to fight it out as the military does. >> so let me ask a question, what have we learned and what has potentially changed if we can't repel this kind of lethal attack, are there changes that you can share with us as to how we protect our installations abroad? >> the accountability review board is going to judge whether our security there was adequate for the information that was available to us, whether we implemented it correctly and whether or not there are lessons learned. >> so they will make recommendations? >> yes, sir. >> thank you mr. chairman. >> tribbutes have begun pouring in for arlen specter who died today at age 81. president obama called him a fighter. former george w. bush said he loved our country and served it withty for three decades. he served his state and nation with honor a
Oct 7, 2012 3:00am EDT
able to find our way out of. . the most important point about the 80 s and federal common law, even if it were under section 1331, is that it is and application of u.s. substantive and remedial lot. and the offenses were telling the other country they have to entertain private civil litigation. and there is a difference -- >> you're right about that. what about bradford? >> bradford is the best thing the petitioners have and the founding iraq. he could have been speaking about the high seas. >> if you read it, it looks as if what he was up said about or what britain was upset about was an american. >> it was americans, but if properly read, the hostilities of which he spoke was the high seas part of the conduct. it was an american who piloted the french fleet 60 miles from the a list -- illes de los to the sierra leone river. >> before your time runs out, there would be no basis under the alien tort statute. but assume for a moment that those two cases -- that we accept them -- to accept them. is there anything different about your case? >> yes, your honor. there are many difference
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2